Life in St. George, UT

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Life in St. George by Jayson Goetz 
If you’re considering St. George as the place your next home will be, you’re not alone—there’s a lot to love about this booming little city. With a consistently growing population, expansion, opportunity, and change have become par for the course for St. George, along with many other areas throughout Utah. So, what’s the story? Why have St. George and so many other places in Utah seen such a large influx of new residents and visitors? 

Economic Incentives
St. George is like much of Utah in that until relatively recently, it was somewhat of a hidden gem. The business friendly environment and amount of opportunity has drawn in new business owners and residents alike. Many a young mind have gone to Utah for an education, and ended up sticking around—creating a long-term positive effect on Utah’s economy.

Take for example Utah’s new status as the Silicon Slopes. As Silicon Valley continually becomes less feasible for tech companies, more and more businesses have moved to nearly all corners of the Beehive State, including the St. George area. The good environment, cheaper space, and lower cost of living incentivizes a multitude of newcomers to call Utah home. The housing market is definitely hot, and with the amount of expansion happening in the area, a St. George home is a great investment.

With mild weather almost year-round, short winters, and a thriving economy, it’s no wonder that so many people are relocating to St. George. But the best part is arguably the way living here allows you to get in touch with nature.


The Great Outdoors

Like much of Utah, one of the things that really makes St. George a special place is the beauty that nature provides in the area. Thousands of years of geological activity can be seen through the red rock formations, canyons, buttes, and gorges. The patches of green against the desert landscape with views of snow-capped peaks make for some of the best trails for walking, hiking, and mountain biking in the country. 

Living in St. George offers residents a short drive to a number of national parks. The community takes pride in leading a healthy lifestyle, and these spots sure make that idea much more enticing.

Snow Canyon State Park

Just about a 20 minute drive from St. George, Snow Canyon is a popular place to explore and enjoy a number of outdoor activities. It offers 38 miles of trails for hiking, 15 miles of trails for horseback riding, as well as a paved 3 mile walking/biking trail. 

Hiking, horseback riding, camping, education on the area, and some great photo ops are all options at snow canyon. Wildlife like the desert tortoise (which the park was created to protect, kit foxes, coyotes, roadrunners, can be encountered in the area—and that’s just to name a few.

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow is a newer state park, but it’s popular with Utah Residents. About a half-hour east of St. George, this massive reservoir showcases blue water against the Utah red rock landscape. A number of recreational activities can be enjoyed here—including boating and fishing on the water, riding off-road vehicles on the nearby dunes, horseback riding, and camping on the beach. 

Quail Creek State Park

Another picturesque reservoir that really captures what Utah has to offer, Quail Creek offers visitors breathtaking views of massive rock formations that surround its warm, mild waters. The reservoir is home to bluegill, and is also stocked with rainbow trout, bullhead catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass—making it a very popular destination for fishing. Hiking and camping are also options to explore in at Quail Creek. 

Gunlock State Park

Gunlock Reservoir sits about 40 minutes outside of St. George, and is another great destination for boating, fishing, and swimming with great views of green foliage against the red rocks. It’s warm summer waters and mild winters make it a year-round spot for Utahns to visit.

Zion National Park


A little bit further out, but still a bargain in terms of what you get for the amount of time you spend driving, Zion National Park is one of the most breathtaking destinations for hiking, camping, and exploring in the country. 

Massive canyons and layers of rock formed over millions of years offer visuals that pictures (as good as they’ll look) just can’t do justice. An array of diverse wildlife can be seen in the park, as it’s a crucial environment for maintaining the population of many protected species. 

After a day out enjoying nature, St. George offers plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the nightlife. The historical downtown area is rich with history and culture, and offers activities including art galleries, museums, gourmet dining, shopping, and many forms of entertainment. 

Whether the mood is for dinner, a concert in the park, or to learn a little bit about Utah’s captivating history, St. George never fails to keep things interesting and offer new things for its residents. As more people flood in, more business can be expected to set up shop in the area and continue to grow the industry. 

Considering a Move?
If making St. George your home is a possibility, we’d be thrilled to help you find the right home in the right neighborhood that meets you and your family’s needs. As your agents, making sure you find what you’re looking for is of the utmost importance to us. If you have any questions about homes in the area or St. George in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!