Dixie State University is Growing!

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Have you seen the new building going up at Dixie State University?
Let us introduce you to Dr. Susan Hart who is the Department Chair in Health and Human Performance at Dixie State University. Her six years has been an integral part of bringing some amazing programs, growth and The Human Performance Center to campus. There will be the largest climbing wall in the state, indoor and outdoor tracks, pool, classrooms, offices, basketball courts, pickleball and more.
As a professor she is warm and welcoming. The diversity of class offerings in this department provides opportunity for students to find what they really love, so they will be successful after acquiring their degree. She is hoping to have a Master's in Athletic Training by the end of the year. We are so lucky to have her in our community.
With the new building she wants to add day camps and programs for those with special needs. She is involved with Special Olympics and wants to offer more support. Her and her husband Charlie moved here from Texas and have experience with running camps and events.
We want to thank her and her family for adding such a big impact to our community!